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This footage was taken in Moorea, French Polynesia. Moorea island is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with jagged tall mountain peaks, tropical rainforest, and turquoise shallows. It is a true island paradise. Moorea is a part of French Polynesia, one of the Society Islands. It is the closest island to Tahiti, about 17 kilometres (11 miles) of a short ferry ride from the capital city and the international airport. The island is formed by sharp edges of the crater that stick out of water. That is what makes it especially beautiful - the jagged peaks. This unique beauty and easy commute make it on of the honeymoon hotspots in the world. The island also offers a range of activities, including SCUBA diving. Fish feeding is one of common activities to entertain tourists at tropical destinations. It is done above and underwater. Underwater, the food needs to be placed in a container that would not float and would not be too heavy so it does not sink the diver. Best solution is plastic tubes or bottles that can be filled with water. The fish learn who, where and when is feeding them, especially if it is done regularly at the same spot. All sorts of fish, big and small congregate in the area and then rush to a feeding diver and the food tube. The food also attracts small reef sharks who keep a bit more distance from people.

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