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The site does not actively collect any personal information of the visitors. Flicketti.com provides space only for advertisements and is not responsible for any viewer information that may be tracked by the advertisement providers. Any information provided in emails is voluntary. It is kept confidential and communicated only to the original sender. However, the site does not control security of the email provider and cannot be held responsible for malicious attacks at the email address.

Flicketti.com does not track traffic and collection of information at other sites and services where the videos or other derivatives of flicketti.com are embedded or used otherwise. Therefore, flicketti.com cannot be held responsible for breaches of information through these external sites and services. The site also cannot be held responsible for security breaches associated at the site hosting level or malicious cyberattacks at the site or the hosting provider. All security issues at the microstock sites where the stock videos are offered are managed by the corresponding microstock companies. Similarly, security of videos are managed by the corresponding hosting services. Flicketti.com is not responsible for security at either microstock or video hosting sites.