Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

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Moorea island is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with jagged tall mountain peaks, tropical rainforest, and turquoise shallows. It is a true island paradise. Moorea is a part of French Polynesia, one of the Society Islands. It is the closest island to Tahiti, about 17 kilometres (11 miles) of a short ferry ride from the capital city and the international airport. The name Moorea means "yellow lizard", but another name is "pineapple island" as there are many plantations. The island is volcanic, and is pretty much composed of sharp edges of the crater that stick out of water. That is what makes it especially beautiful - the jagged peaks. This unique beauty and easy commute make it one of the honeymoon hotspots in the world. The island also offers other attractions such as SCUBA diving, stingray feeding and other marine and on land activities

Hilton Moorea Resort is probably the best resort on Moorea. Overwater bungalows, pristine turquoise water, view of the mountains with tropical rainforest, and stunning sunsets make the resort "paradise-like". A place to spend a honeymoon or celebrate another romantic occasion. There is a large lagoon or more of a shallow area that allows building of overwater bungalows. The overwater bungalows are not as common in Moorea as in Bora Bora. Therefore the resort stands out in Moorea. There is also an overwater restaurant with night entertainment of cruising sharks. The resort has three restaurants with a mix of French and Polynesian food which we enjoyed. There are Polynesian shows several days a week which we found of good quality. During day hours we went snorkelling, diving, horse riding, riding water scooters and just enjoyed our deck over water. The real treat was to sit on the deck dangling your feet over water and enjoy unforgettable sunsets. Watch the video above and join us for sunsets in paradise!

As Moorea is a honeymoon destination, wedding or vow renewal ceremonies are a regular occurrence. If you are considering one, please have a look at the video below. That is how we celebrated our anniversary: