Shark feeding over-underwater

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This footage was taken in Moorea, French Polynesia. The island is volcanic in origin and that is what makes it especially beautiful - the jagged peaks. This unique beauty and easy connection with Tahiti make it on of the honeymoon hotspots in the world. The island also offers a range of activities, including SCUBA diving. Sharks are very frequent and guaranteed on any dive. They are protected in Polynesian waters and no barbaric finning is allowed. The result is that marine life in French Polynesia is closer to what it used to be in other parts of the world. Most shark species are harmless to people but they are still large powerful animals. Feeding them is a regular occurrence, either at restaurants using food waste, or in open waters for divers and other tourists. Usually slow moving at cruising speeds, they can become quite fast and aggressive around food, especially without people in water. The footage below shows the same action as it looks above and below water - over/under.

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Available at: Shutterstock